Symposium C3. Biomaterials for Device Biointerface with Anti-infective and Antibacterial Applications

Prof. Jinn P. ChuNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Prof. Jason S. C. JangNational Central University, Taiwan
Prof. Chih-Hwa ChenTaipei Medical University, Taiwan
Prof. Her-Hsiung HuangNational Yang Ming University, Taiwan
Prof. Ming-Jen ChenMackay Medical College, Taiwan
Prof. Chun-Pin LinNational Taiwan University, Taiwan
Prof. Hyungil JungYonsei University, Korea


In the decades, advances in the developments of biomedical materials, such as bio-detection, biochemical devices, implantable materials, bioengineering materials, have been achieved. The interaction, including the adsorption dynamics, binding and release, between materials and biological substances at the biointerface is an important issue for these biomedical materials. In this symposium, we will mainly focus on cell/bacteria adhesion, activation, spreading, growth and related infection on the surface of the materials. The discussion will also cover the relationships between the materials and tissue or cell behaviors.

  1. Nanostructure Interfaces
  2. Nanotube/nanoparticle interfaces
  3. Smart biointerface materials
  4. Chiral biointerface materials
  5. Artificial surfaces

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative):
1. Prof. Ming-Jen ChenMackay Medical College, Taiwan
2. Prof. Hyungil JungYonsei University, Korea