Symposium A5. Advanced Materials and Related Technology for Next Generation Displays

Prof. Hsueh-Shih ChenNational Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Prof. Shu-Ru ChungNational Formosa University, Taiwan
Dr. Vasant KumarUniversity of Cambridge, UK
Dr. Yung-Hui YehIndustrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan


The symposium is mainly focused on the advances in the development of materials science and technologies preferably for displays or other related applications. The current proliferation of manufacturing processes, display modes, applications and form factors make the display industry more vigorous than ever. The industry is facing a variety of challenges and new materials and innovation technologies are shaping the technological trajectories through fundamental and applied researches. Prospective papers are expected to look at materials science and technologies that will enhance performance, lower cost and expand applications, offering insights for the future displays. Papers on other related technologies are also welcome.


  1. Materials and technologies in current LCD display
  2. Next generation lightings and displays
  3. Energy and environmental issues
  4. New materials/devices relating to optoelectronics
  5. Any other promising materials and technologies

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative):
1. Dr. Vasant KumarUniversity of Cambridge, UK
2. Prof. Masahito Oh-eNational Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
3. Prof Shun-Wei LiuMing Chi University Of Technology, Taiwan