Symposium D2. Advanced Ceramic Materials

Prof. Ying-Hao ChuNational Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Prof. Kuan-Zong FungNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


Ceramic materials are one of the classical category of materials and they have been used in a lot of applications in our daily life. To keep searching new functional ceramics and improving the fabrication methods of ceramics represents an important research direction in the field of materials science and engineering. With the development of advanced ceramic materials, new and better devices can be built in the realization of new applications.  
This symposium aims to share and discuss recent advances and emerging trend on ceramic materials in various forms ranging from single crystal, bulk, thick and thin films. We will provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers to discuss the properties of advanced ceramic materials through different fabrication methods. In the meantime, the correlation between microstructure and properties will be addressed. Key and hot applications based on the devices made of advanced ceramic materials will also be presented.



1. Bulk ceramics and ceramic single crystals
   1.1. Synthesis and characterization of new functional ceramic bulks and single crystals for practical applications
   1.2. Innovations in material and device fabrication and characterization
2. Ceramic films
   2.1. Synthesis and characterization of functional ceramic thick and thin films
   2.2. Innovations in material and device fabrication and characterization
3. New discoveries related to fabrication and characterization of ceramic materials

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative):
1. Prof. Nagy ValanoorUniversity of New South Wales, Australian
2. Prof. Lane W. Martin

University of California Berkeley, USA

3. Prof. Jau-Ho Jean
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
4. Prof. Ho Won JangSeoul National University, Korea
5. Prof. Jan-Chi YangNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
6. Prof. Chun-Gang DuanEast China Normal University, China
7. Prof. Guoliang YuanNanjing University of Science and Technology, China
8. Prof. Shuhong XieXiangtan University, China
9. Prof. Wei Sea Chang
Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia
10. Prof. Yasuro Ikuma
Department of Applied Chemistry, Kanagawa Inst. of Tech, Japan
11. Prof I-Ming Hung
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan