Symposium D3. Advanced Polymeric Materials

Prof. Hong-Cheu LinNational Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Prof. Wen-Chang ChenNational Taiwan University, Taiwan
Prof. Chain-Shu HsuNational Chiao Tung University
Prof. Hsin-Lung ChenNational Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Prof. Rong-Ming HoNational Tsing Hua University
Prof. Lien-Chung HsuNational Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


The scope covers functional polymers and composites dealing with new ideas and developments in the science and technology of advanced polymers with functional groups that provide specific chemical reactivity and possess novel physical behavior. This symposium will focus on “Novel and Advanced Functional Polymers and Composites” for electronic, energy, and bio-technology applications, as well as the studies which advance the understanding of self-assembled behavior and electrically, optically, and mechanically responsive phenomena in the area of polymers and composites. Papers are solicited on the fundamental and applied aspects of all types of advanced functional polymers and composites.


1. Functional polymers for chemo- and bio-sensor applications 
2. Functional polymers for flexible electronic applications 
3. Functional polymers for solar cell applications 
4. Functional polymers for bio-technology applications 
5. Self-assembled and responsive behavior of functional polymers 
6. Functional polymers and composites for electro-optical and other applications

Keynote Speakers & Invited Speakers (tentative):
1. Prof. Ben Zhong TangHong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST
2. Prof. Alex K-Y. JenCity University of Hong Kong, China
3. Dr. Antonio FacchettiNorthwestern University, USA
4. Prof. Kazuo Sakurai The University of Kitakyushu, Japan
5. Prof. Myongsoo LeeJiling University, China
6. Prof. Mitsuru UedaYamagata Universitym, Japan
7. Prof. Parameswar Krishnan IyerIndian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
8. Prof. Xiaohong LiSouthwest Jiaotong University, China
9. Prof. Itaru OsakaHiroshima University, Japan
10. Prof. Tomoya HigashiharaYamagata University, Japan
11. Prof. He YanHong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
12. Prof. Bumjoon KimKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
13. Dr. Keisuke TajimaRIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, Japan
14. Prof. Taiho ParkPOSTECH, Korea
15. Prof. Zhihao ShenPeking University, China
16. Prof. Masayuki YamaguchiJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
17. Prof. Felix Sunjoo KimChung-Ang University, Korea
18. Prof. Guey-Sheng LiouNational Taiwan University, Taiwan
19. Prof. Youngkyoo KimKyungpook National University, Korea
20. Prof. Cheng-Liang LiuNational Central University, Taiwan